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At YL eServices, we understand that in order to steal a march on competition, increasingly complex application solutions are de rigueur for organisations. CIOs/CTOs need to make the most of relevant opportunities by keeping abreast of the latest business technologies; concomitantly, they need to remain within the confines of tight IT budgets.

In this scenario, our customised solutions, based on the latest productivity tools, collaboration tools, Service Oriented Architecture, Enterprise Application Integration, and our use of the latest technologies enable our clients to focus on their core business activities, while we take care of their IT requirements in a holistic manner. In the process, they can migrate from legacy systems to cutting-edge, standards-based distribution architectures that can meet stringent business demands.

Our people are trained in the fundamental concepts of technology frameworks; as a result, they can adapt to new technologies and technical innovations, as well as competing technologies, without any time lag.