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Business Technology Management

CIOs/CTOs constantly seek to align technology with business goals and objectives and look for effective ways of adapting themselves to the dynamically changing business scenario. Our services under the rubric of Business Technology Management enable customers to:

Plan the alignment of  business goals by organising the IT/IS architecture
Identify the most effective strategy to offer Cloud Services*
Identify the most effective strategy to deploy Unified Communication and Location-Based Services **
Organise the business technology assets (business processes , applications , data and IT
infrastructure) to enable productive and cost-effective use of the same, which would lead to better enterprise architecture
Set up managed, shared and self services in order to improve productivity, resource utilisation and
knowledge retention
Improve processes continuously in order to achieve Key Performance Indicators and meet
benchmarks, as set out by best practices, and improve performance
Identify the sourcing (in, out, near) strategy
Effect the Change Management process

Business Technology Management

* Our array of Cloud and Virtual Services, which comprise Software as a Service, Server as a Service, Storage and Back-up as a Service, Exchange as a Service and Sharepoint as a Service, are targeted at the pain areas of our clients so as to enable them to focus on their core business, without having to bother about high-cost, time-consuming hardware installation and networking, or software licences.

** Our services under this category, based on GPS/GIS technology, Radio Frequency Identification and Mobile and Unified Communication technologies, enable our clients to work from anywhere, thus removing the geographical constraint.